In The Garden

Christmas in The Garden

The gardener sat near the small garden waiting for the angel, as she approached he looked up at her and an amused smile lit his face. "What is so amusing?" the angel asked as she drew close. "They each have bits of the truth and cannot seem to see they all fit together. The grand picture is right there and they simply cannot see." The gardener's smile only seemed more amused by her remark. "Watch," he said quietly. "They don't put it together as one single truth, but look at the beautiful tapestry they weave as they cling to different aspects of the truth. It is so much richer this way" With that they settled in to watch over the small garden in companionable silence.

The winter holidays are magical in the garden - while much of the world trembles with the cold and sleeps when the snow blankets all in white stardust the garden radiates with a magical warmth. The year was drawing rapidly to a close, and the garden was alive with excitement. The Halfling curled up contentedly beneath the shelter of the plant and watched. Because the garden welcomed all from so many different places there were many traditions to be honored during the winter holidays - but all were shared by all for it is the season of love and peace.

The Halfling giggled as the butterfly hurried past, the plant looked her way and wondered at her amusement. "It is Butterfly" she replied, and pointed as the small butterfly hurried about trying to capture lights for her celebration. The plant smiled, "the celebration of lights is the way of those where Butterfly is from. Butterfly celebrates the festival of lights," the plant explained, "when a light that should have extinguished burned for 8 days and nights. It was a time of great danger and the light gave them hope. Would you like to hear of the many beliefs shared here in the garden?" The Halfling nodded, listening to the plant was to her always a special time. She curled up under the plant's protection, content as the plant spun wondrous pictures to fill her mind with new beliefs so she might understand others.

"I do not need to tell you of those who celebrate the birth as those where you are from do but perhaps the rest would like to know of the Tears of the Faeries" the plant said quietly. The Halfling put her hand to the tiny stone cross on a silver chain she wore about her neck. It seemed hard to believe that anyone did not know of the Tears of the Faeries - how when the baby whose birth was celebrated during the winter holidays died as a young man the faerie folk had wept and their tears had formed tiny crosses of stone when they touched the earth. How the cross was a symbol for why he was born and how he died. She considered the many beliefs she knew little of and nodded - it was a beautiful tale to her heart and she was happy to share it.

The Halfling and the Plant passed the day watching others hurry about making their preperations and each belief and tradition seemed to add yet another layer of beauty and love. The Halfling wondered at the way each belief could be so different yet each still seemed to weave into the magic of the season effortlessly. She wondered aloud that perhaps it was that all beliefs were part of the truth and perhaps sharing was the key to seeing the truth.

As the day drew to a close the Halfling watched as the snow wrapped the garden in a pristine blanket of stardust. So many different wonderful ways to celebrate peace and love in the still beauty of winter, so many beautiful beliefs. As she watched the beauty of the winter night a winter miracle unfolded before her. The very stars in the deep velvety sky began to shift - joining together in an enchanted dance singing ever so softly the secrets of the universe. As they danced and sang the music began to swell and soar until it felt it had lifted the Halfling's soul to the very heights of heaven itself. As the music drifted off into a dream the Halfling's consciousness floated back into herself and she found herself again sheltered under the plant's protective canopy. "What a lovely dream" she thought to herself as she yawned and stretched sleepily. As she looked about the garden the plant smiled knowingly, for the Winter Holidays were a time of wonders. As she watched the stars finished their dance and settled across the garden like a lace blanket illuminating the magic that is the small garden.

(c) Candace

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