In The Garden

The Hummingbird's Tale

The angel watched, the hummingbird was in constant motion - constantly changing and rearranging much like her iridescent colors. The hummingbird was just so much energy and motion, so often the angel saw only a flurry of color and heard a bright hum. She waved to the gardener and they watched the little bird's aerial acrobatics. As the watched together their conversation flowed over her time so far in the garden. She was like a tiny gem - bright with flashes of brilliant colors that seemed to be made of light itself, and like a gem strong. But the tiny bird was by its very size also frail. When she had first flown into the garden her colors were faded and she seemed so frail the angel had wondered at what cruel fates had created such a tiny creature. And her journey in the garden had had its own ups and downs. And the angel had so worried during the downs as the tiny bird's colors dulled and faded and her flying dance slowed. But when she had turned to the gardener he had simply smiled and said "she is stronger than you believe" - and on reflection the angel agreed, even saw that the hummingbird was stronger even than she herself had believed.

The tiny bird had arrived in the garden bewildered, lost, so very weak, and in pain. One of the first to spot her was the tiny pixie. Still healing herself she was drawn to the frail tiny bird. She cradled the tiny bird gently in her hands offering soothing warmth and whispered softly that it would be okay. As the tiny bird warmed her colors began to shine through. The gardener watered the small garden making sure the small fountain filled, and the pixie took the hummingbird to get a drink. As she drank deeply her colors seemed to deepen. The pixie carried the tiny bird with her for a while, sometimes on her shoulder to show her around and sometimes in her pocket to protect her, and a bond grew between the two. As the days passed the pixie watched the tiny bird strengthen and saw her colors brighten. She showed her around the garden and began to introduce her to others. After a time others began to take notice of the tiny bird - "she is special; you need to introduce her to the plant." So the pixie had introduced the plant to the hummingbird and had set her gently upon a lower branch that she could reach. The tiny bird sat listening to the plant as the breeze whispered through it's leaves and stretched her wings and found her strength returning. The plant slowly dipped an upper branch and offered a blossom filled with nectar to the tiny hummingbird. As the little bird drank deeply she felt her body and spirit strengthen and her colors brightened. As her strength returned the plant encouraged her to test her wings - explore the garden and get to know those who lived there.

She delighted all with her aerial acrobatics and cheery humm. She found in the garden she indeed could be happy again. The tiny hummingbird came to know the tall tree and to value the strength and wisdom it offered freely to all, enjoying dancing amongst its strong sheltering branches. She came to know the bluebird with her calm dignity and gentle songs of love and wisdom. She met the elders of the garden charming them with her quick bright wit and humor. She found the Halfling settled in the soft shadows of the plant and would for a time actually light on a nearby branch and rest and listen as the Halfling wove her word tapestries of truths and love and allow the lessons to wash over her soothing her fears. She and the pixie became fast friends linked by the love that is friendship, the hummingbird lifted the pixie's spirits with her cheery humm and dazzling flight and the pixie sprinkled magic pixie dust on the little one's wings and tail, and colors changed to a brighter hue, almost like that of a rainbow after a gentle rain.

The tiny humming bird soon could be seen flitting about the garden - a cheery iridescent gem. There were times when the sorrows from beyond the garden had sought out the tiny creature and seemed to seek to crush her, but though they caused her distress she was protected by the love that surrounded her. She looked to the pixie and the plant as her guides and found she was not alone. And with the love all in the garden share, she realized that for her the sky held no limit. Each evening the stars gathered to commune with the small garden, and among those who would be there to meet them was a small feathered gemstone - though the stars would say her small size belied a large heart filled with love.


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