In The Garden

The Halfling's Tale

The angel smiled at the gardener and both sat quietly watching. The angel started to speak but the gardener silenced her, smiled and nodded. They both turned back to watching. There in the small corner garden the center plant spread its leaves to shelter those in the corner garden, and under the edge of that canopy a small Halfling curled up and slept - protected and safe. As they walked out to see the rest of the garden and talk to the stars the angel spoke. "She is at peace in the garden" The gardener looked at her and smiled "Yes, it was not easy and took some hard work, but she finally sees that she belongs."

The Halfling had for sometime lingered near the edge of the garden - noting the beauty and peace and had finally summoned up her courage. She slipped quietly into the garden, drawn to the small corner garden. "Yes" she thought, "I can rest here and offer some small help in return. It will be easy enough to stay hidden for a bit and then move on." For a time she stayed quiet, propping up a damaged branch here, dusting off a muddied leaf or blossom there, just small things to help without drawing attention to herself.

The garden, too, was good to the Halfling. Sorrows and tears she never realized were there began to heal, and she began also to grow. But she did not realize also she had been noticed. From long years of habit the Halfling hid quietly in the shadows, safer for one with each foot on separate paths as is how it is for those not truly of either world. The only world she truly knew was the twilight world of between, she did not know the way to the one world and felt unwanted in the other. When she felt rested she prepared to move on, and went for one last walk about the garden she had come to care so for.

In the night's stillness she heard the familiar chatter - the plants and the creatures that lived in the garden as usual in discussion; so, made bolder knowing she would not be back she joined in. Suddenly she recognized a new voice in the discussion. This voice was different - both unfamiliar and one she had always known, and she realized it was the plant the garden seemed to radiate from. Now she felt two emotions rolling over her - fighting for her attention. One was to embrace all the voice represented, the other to flee the garden that instant knowing she had stayed too long. She tried to ease back into the darkness, shaking and in tears, fleeing would not be so easy, the plant was squarely between her and the exit. Though she realized it was gesture of kindness, she was alarmed when the plant spread its branches wider - for now even more of her escape was blocked, but she was also intrigued by his invitation. No one had ever welcomed a Halfling - it always changed as soon as they realized. Finally she resigned to staying just a bit - to hear them out, still leaving space for him to see and change his mind.

Across the following season the Halfling began to trust more, allowed more to see into who she really was. Still in the back of her mind was always the fear that having opened her heart she would again find herself alone and having to flee – slipping back into the darkness. Several of the fellow creatures in the garden and the plant seemed to realize her fears but always she held back a small part – kept her secrets against the day she would move on.

The central plant spoke to her in soft soothing tones – offered shade from the sun’s brightness. In the shelter of the plant’s canopy the Halfling began to open more – to talk with the plant and share more who she was and her tale. Through the plant she came to meet the bluebird that seemed to watch over the corner garden and the tall noble tree that she found was happy to listen to the prattle of the Halfling and to share his wisdom with her. With the tree she could talk about her darkest moments and fears – he seemed to see them and to understand, and had wisdom to help her deal with them. the tree also seemed to have endless patience to simply share moments of happiness and laughter.

With the central plant, there had been from the beginning a link she had sensed between them – now there grew also a bond. When the dark winds swirled she knew the plant would shelter her and sooth her fears, when the butterflies called to her soul to dance he shared in her laughter. In return she stayed near offering an ear to listen and companionship, and when was needed, to help. When the sun set she curled up beneath his canopy knowing those he sheltered were safe, and when the sun rose they shared the dreams that had visited in the night.

Through all this the angel and gardener watched. On occasion it had seemed certain the Halfling would flee and the angel had turned to the gardener to intervene. Each time he shook his head and said only “Wait – it will unfold as it should” and the plant and the garden worked their magic and the Halfling stayed. Over the season the Halfling grew in strength of self and in understanding, she no longer felt so alone and lost. In her own way she began to blossom – not a large, beautiful blossom of rare beauty and subtle fragrance like the plant - more like the small shy violets of the woodlands – but this suited her.

© Candace

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