Hello it's me. I'm here safe and sound.
I wanted to let you know of all the love and friendship.
that I was greeted with when I arrived here.
The bridge glows with peace and love and unity.
No one is alone here, we are here to support each other.
Just because you can't see or touch me doesn't me I am not always near you.
I come to you in many ways. I come to you dancing on the sunbeams.
of your heart. I ride the wind to your heart and I sing to you of my pride.
in how you are helping others who need your love .
When you give love to others you are also giving it to me.
I have a spot on Rainbow bridge where I can see everything.
I watch over you. When you think you hear me you do.
Thank you for the letters of love you sent me on the tail of a balloon.
They give me so much joy and I keep them near.
The Love we share never stopped it grows and goes on forever.
till we are together again. I wish you joy and peace of heart .
and a life filled with laughter. It was never good bye but till we meet again.
never to be parted again. You are my yesterday, my today and my forever.
Let healing and peace come to your heart so I will know you are well.
Till that day of reunion comes keep on giving to others the warmth of your heart.
Your heart is so big there is room for many to find friendship within.
Together we will stand as one forever and a day plus one.
Love always from Rainbow Bridge.

J.C. Stewart~*~ 2004

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