Love spoken by voices from above, whispering in the breeze
Silver rain drops dancing on the spring blooms that colour our souls
Voices calling out to us of memories that heal our hearts, touching deeply
Upon the joy of unity always and forever. Heart of my heart, soul of my soul
Voices from above heard without a single word, but with feelings of healing
Remember the first moment we gazed into each others eyes, for we will again
Voices of the Angels from about singing to us in our dreams of what always is
Unity of hearts that care, belief in kindred spirts that always walk as soul mates
Spend time letting your heart heal by showing others the love that is us
Let your words of comfort flow as the voices of the angels sing to you of peace
Reaching out and touching a wounded heart with caring and gentle touches
Also sends gentle caresses on the gentle winds of peace to warm our hearts

The angels from above have one dream and that is for you to find laughter again
For you to see the light of a new beginning in an other's eyes who calls to you
Once this Angel called to you and you stopped to care. I will send others to you
To hold and care for as you do me. A starting of a friendship of belonging
There are many who once knew love, but the arms that once held them let go
They can feel love again in you they will find it, heal together. Be as one.
Look deeply into the eyes of one who calls to you please see me, and here I am
Voices from ones of this world speaking to your heart with voices of need
with a heart opened to true love you hear and stop to care, to hold near and dear

Voices of the Angels from above call to you with pride "well done my family"
One who was once lost is found and you are on the path to healing and peace of heart
In dreams we shall dance again and touch with gentle silver touches of love
For I am forever and always your's

J.C. Stewart

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