Each morning begins here at Rainbow Bridge the same way
for everyone here. we gather together at the bridge and reach
out and hold on to the next one and whisper into the wind
good morning Momma and Papa. We hear you whisper back
on the rays of the sun that we are always loved. I am
always near, never doubt that. I come to you in many ways.
I am in the silver tears that wash the pain away so please
when you feel them upon your face let them flow and bring
you healing. I am in the gentle rain that falls and brings new life.
I am in the trusting eyes of a fur baby who you have reached
out to and give a chance at happiness too. As you find healing
with others at PetSupport I am there. After all I lead you there.
There is a one who guards PetLoss and I know your heart
is safe there.

I want you to know I am never alone here I have made
many friends as you have. A great and wise Silver Wolf
and a blue eyed angel are always near to comfort
and be given a paw to hold. They know how to tease
and make me laugh to bring a smile back to my heart.
Like the Silverwolf I watch over my loved ones. Not a
moment goes by that i don't think of you. Not a night
goes by that I don't visit your dreams and gently
caress your cheek as you sleep. As I look around here
at those around me I see all are strong and whole again.
Often we brag about how proud we are of you. Of how you
you were there when we needed you the most. To hold
us close to your heart as we started our journey to the Bridge.
We felt you near even if we slipped away in our sleep or while
you were at work. We are bonded as one, two hearts that
beat as one. So we don't have to be in the same place to
be together, a silver thread joins us as one. So many stories
about how each met their loved ones for the first time. And
knew in a heart beat this one is mine. Memories of joyful lifes
some are together many years and some for a short time. But
love can be given in a heart beat and last forever.

Some here Had never known a gentle touch till a loving
heart reached out and showed them caring. So when it was
time to go they took that love with them to the Bridge.
Each morning they wake they don't remember the bad times
they remember you and your face is the one of love.
Your gentle touch brought healing to a wounded soul,v
trust to a lonely heart.

So you have nothing to feel guilty for do you? You are the
ones who opened your hearts to true love and let us in.
You gave us more love in a smile or a touch then many
have ever known.

Each night just before we close our eyes to rest, we whisper
hello to you and say see you in my dreams. Where we will
touch again. Always in my thoughts, always in my heart
Always in my soul.

BarTendersBluesWolf~*~March 9, 2006

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