Pooky gazed into the blue waters that flowed below Rainbow Bridge and watched his
Daddy get the den ready for the evening. The night had been planned many days
before. This night was the anniversary of Fluffy's journey to the bridge. As always
ShiShi was by his side, his sister. Muffin watched Pooky and wanted to comfort his silver friend,
"Don't worry all is ready, Poppy has seen to it. The pages are a wonderful gift".
The night before the heart that cares had called to Pooky with a gentle reminder
to bring Fluffy to the waters to see his Mama. So he could bring him to her side
while she read the words of love from her soul mate and cubs. Aurich came running
to the water's edge "look there is my Mother, I am sending her hugs. She feels my touch".
As below in the den all who loved Fluffy came to be with him on this day the fifth anniversary
of first arriving at the bridge. Sparty arrived and let all know "Fluffy will soon be here he is
watching his Mama let the balloons go to float on the winds of peace to us. ShiShi's beautiful blue eyes
lite up with joy " I do so love the many colours of the balloons, they light up the sky".
All turned to welcome Fluffy as he gracefully walked up to his companions of the rainbow.
His friends greeted Fluffy with a loving nose rub. Except Muffin who gave his Golden friend a loving head butt
and sat by Fluffy's side to wait for Maman Loup's arrival. Pooky watched his family with pride
of how all had come together for each other. For each day of memories all were there , to share
in the day and hold a paw.

Pooky called all to the water's edge "Fluffy your Mama has arrived". The SilverWolf watched his
Daddy greet Mama . He was not giving the gift yet, was waiting for more of his cubs to come.
Fluffy sighed with love "there she is, has not been an easy day for her today" "I am so glad she is
with her cubs and soul mate now will give her much comfort" Pooky heard his daddy's voice
telling Maman Loupe of the journey they all share of the 19th of never. As each of those in the den looked
in amazement at their screen a page made with love appeared before them. The ones at the bridge listened as
voices asked how did you do that Papa? They were answered is magic.

The pages for this day of memories was a gift made from a heart who understands. A heart that
had walked by his soul mate's side for five years now. This gift was one that said This journey you
walk you never walk it alone. Look around you and see your heart family is here
by your side, always and forever.

Fluffy gazed at his Mama's beloved face and settled onto Pooky's back. As Pooky ascended
to the bridge Fluffy whispered to his love's heart "Let the memories warm your heart till
I can touch you again".

As they arrived back at the bridge, Fluffy's heart family surrounded him in a group hug.
ShiShi suggested they go play with the balloons that had glided on the breezes to them at the bridge.
A chorus of agreement came from the others and they held Fluffy's paw . As the other's followed Fluffy
to play tag with the balloons ShiShi stopped to ask her Silver Brother if he was joining them.
Pooky raised his head from the waters to answer her, " I am going to spend time with daddy my Sister".
"He needs me near" ShiShi took her place by Pooky's side to be near their Daddy.

J.C Stewart~*~June 19th, 2006.

Music~*~Angels Among Us~*~

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