As the silver tears fell a guiding light showed the way to a place
where two understanding soul mates waited. Ones who would help start a journey along
a path to peace of heart. A journey along a path where the Silver Wolf walks by his
side always and forever.

This wise one had always felt as the Lone Wolf, now more so since his beloved Pooky
had crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. A sense of loss that he felt no one else understood
a pain so deep, that surly no other had felt. Then one day a Silver paw guided the fingers
of the LoboWolf showing him the way to PetLoss where the two waited for him. Here is
the place where others understood and reached out. Here was a place that can bring healing
to the LoboWolf. By reaching out and caring he brings comfort to many. Each Silver tear
he has shed for the loss of another helps bring peace.

One lady reached out to him and said "I call my son petit loup" With those words a soul mate
was found. Maman Loup Mother of the Wolf Pack joined Lobo Wolf
on the path of the White Wolf. Lobo Wolf told her of how the great White Wolf came to him through the wall and danced into his heart smiling with great love.

Another joined them one who also knew sorrow in the date 19, the others felt a bond
with her that had always been. A spirit sister who helped bring the magic back. MagicWolf
was the one who kept written in the logs of the White Wolf the names of all the wolves
and their sweet Fur babies. A memorial to a great love.
The birth of the pack began with those names

Together these three, with others became the late night gang. Going into Petloss to reach out
with caring paws to those who knew the same loss as they. Knowing others understood
and that they were not alone in this grief helped them take that first step onto the path
to peace of heart. A caring heart opens and lets others in and accepts them for who they are
A pledge was written by one who joined the pack and had written from her heart the pledge we
all hold near and dear. It is engraved on our hearts and is echoed in the howl of the wolf

Others will join the path some will find healing and go on to other paths and take the true
love of the White Wolf with them. They will reach out and share that love with others on the path
they choose to follow. In this they are always and forever part of this caring pack of wolves
There will be ones who will walk along the side of the White Wolf and their hearts have bonded
with his. Each one will carry on the path of caring, with them the song of the White Wolf will
be forever heard

Above on the silver clouds that gently caress Rainbow Bridge stood three warriors watching
with pride and love for the ones who care. The White Warrior, the Black Warrior and the
Golden Warrior. Upon each warrior's back rode an angel.
Surrounding them were many fur babies all are always near.
They are never farther then the rhythm of your heart. The silver thread that
joins our hearts will remain forever unbroken. Look with the eyes of your heart, listen with your
soul and you will see and hear them always near

The Lobo Wolf is no longer a lone wolf, love glows around him from the many hearts
that have joined the path of the White Wolf. The howl of the wolf
will be forever heard, these hearts who care forever and one day more will carry it on.
This journey we are on was meant to be, written in the stars long before we were born. Walk on

~*~April 21, 2006~*~

~*~Music~*~Take My Hand~*~

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